Ugh made a new SA profile and added new pics with my new figure (boobs). I am trying to get a couple pay for plays going but all the girls are messing it up in Toronto by agreeing to such low donations… I used to be able to get 700 for meet and now these guys keep asking for escort prices 300/350. I just don’t think that is worth my time because I am going out of my way to meet them when I am not working and that couldn’t even help cover half of my rent? You feel me…. This is getting really annoying ugh.






Right. I’ve fucking had it with cheap men who want to fuck with sex workers.

This is the guy who I saw about a week ago or so, and I had such a good time with him. We’d been texting and I was in London last weekend so  we were gonna meet up but it was too difficult in the end, so we decided to leave it for another time. He asks me when I’ll be in London again so I told him I’m heading back to my city on Wednesday morning for my sister’s birthday, so I can pass through London on Tuesday night. Then after agreeing on the date, he never asked how much, so I asked him how much he intends on paying me. And he doesn’t reply at all, so I was like are you offended that I asked so bluntly or what? He sends me a text full of bullshit (first picture) about how he was hoping to develop something ‘mutually beneficial’ - I mean what the fuck does that even mean? Because from my understanding, mutually beneficial means both parties benefit; and in my world, that means I fuck you and you pay me. 

So I straight up tell him how much it’s going to cost him - I even knocked the price down because he was paying for the hotel and dinner. Then of course, as they always do, he’s silent again when I start to talk about money. I had to text him again today, saying he needs to tell me now whether or not he wants to go ahead with Tuesday because I have fucking plans to make. And of course he respectfully declines.

I just don’t get it. I mean, wasn’t I a prostitute when we first met? Didn’t you pay me that one time we had sex? So why on this horrible earth, would I then agree to sleep with you for free? I mean of course I want to keep the ‘element of business’ because he’s my fucking client. I just don’t understand why or how he came to that conclusion in his head.

Here is a note to any men that read this who have any intentions of getting with any type of sex worker, and to all general cheap ass motherfucking fuckers:

Sex workers are workers - respect our jobs as sources of income. You don’t walk into hair salons and ask the hairdressers to do your shit for free, simply because it’s a selfish bargain to propose as you’re causing a loss of earnings for a hard-working person, just so that you don’t have to spend as much money. It is insulting as fuck, when you so much as suggest that we offer our services for less or for free.

As much as you may think sex is a basic need, sex workers offer a luxury service. ALL sex workers offer a LUXURY service. it is a luxury and there’s no two ways about that. If you can’t afford it then find another hobby. The fact that you’re a man and you get blue balls and your wife isn’t DTF means squat fuck. Escorts, street-based sex workers, strippers, cam girls, sugar babies, the whole lot - everything we’re offering is a luxury. You don’t walk into a Gucci store with an empty wallet and an overdrawn bank account expecting anyone to give you a break. Yes, maybe at one of those public food stalls where they ask for any donation in exchange for food/tea/coffee; maybe, they would give you a break and not charge you any money, especially if they felt you really needed the food.

Despite what people may say - sex workers aren’t here to make your lives better. We’re not here to rescue you from your broken marriage; we’re not here to groom your male entitlement; and we are not here to be that hopelessly-romantic love interest that you’ve so dreamed of.

We are here to offer a service, and to therefore earn money - that is our sole purpose in this job. Don’t get me wrong - I always am genuine and go the extra mile for my clients and offer more than just a service, but rather an experience - but only for the clients that respect me and don’t try to fuck with my money.

So for the last time: broke bitches, FALL BACK.

Reblogging because some new girls in this industry need to read this as well.

Hell yes, especially to the bolded part

Nothing but truth….especially the bolded part!!!

So true! You said it perfectly🙏


Anonymous asked:

Why do black girls have big booties?

scruffymacgoogler answered:

Pillows were scarce in Africa and overtime early Africans developed fatty deposits in their lower posterior to provide a lumbar support for the tribe.





Pictured here, a young woman fluffing her god given pillow in the common ritual manner that signals bed time.

😭 “that signals bed time”

I’m dead

OMG love this!!!! Hahaha 😂❤️

Boobs are done..

Feeling like hell it’s the day after my surgery. Not sure how many ccs I have because I was too out of it to talk when I left but they are looking amazing already. Lot of pressure on them though. PS Never go with a SD for surgery and after care. He keeps trying to fuck me even though it’s right after surgery. I just wanna cry and wish someone would hug me and take actual care of me. He didn’t even stick around after surgery he just picked my pain killers up from cvs dropped me off in my room and left. I was a mess and starving so had to go by myself to the hotel store to get food crying my face off… So embarr but ln was just so emotional. Gojng for my follow up soon.. I’m just gonna cab it there I rather be alone.